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domingo, agosto 21, 2005

Asamblea de Educación propone a los mejores como candidatos a la Asamblea Nacional

Published: Sunday, August 21, 2005Bylined to: Carlos M. Pietri
It is time to give Venezuela and the Chavez government a decent opposition guest commentarist Carlos M. Pietri writes: From the Education National Assembly civil association Leonardo Carvajal (Dictator-for-a Day Pedro Carmona’s Education Minister) makes a proposal for the December parliamentary elections with the purpose of obtaining "an independent and pluralist Legislative Power, that works to fulfill its function to develop what it is established in the Constitution and to control the Executive authority."
In order to obtain this objective, he considers building a list of candidates to construct a democratic alternative, integrated by outstanding people from social, political and institutional backgrounds.
Carvajal and his 'power group' propose 165 people who. according to them. have positive characteristics of leadership ... and as an example here are some of the most important personage’s names of their list:
Gerardo Blyde, Alfonso Marquina, Hermann Escarra, Horacio Medina, Liliana Hernandez, Liliana Ortega, Ybeyise Pacheco, Albis Munoz, Julio Montoya, Jose Luis Farias, Froilan Barrios, Carlos Alfonso Martinez, William Ojeda, Timoteo Zambrano, Gabriel Puerta Aponte, Leonardo Pizani, Carlos Blanco, Carlos Vechio, Humberto Calderon Berti, Francisco Uson, Patricia Poleo, Ana Julia Jattar, Ana Teresa Torres, Carlos Melo, Server Torres, Angel Oropeza, Maeca Lopez Méndez, Margarita de Tablante, Asdrubal Aguiar, Roberto Smith, Jesus Torrealba, Carlos Ocariz, Elías Matta, Eddie Ramirez, Carolina Jaimes Branger, Marlene Mora, Juan Jose Caldera, Andres Velásquez, Gustavo Tarre, Pedro Castillo, Cipriano Heredia, Enrique Ochoa Antich, Alberto Jordan Hernandez, Carlos Berrizbeitia, Pompeyo Marquez, Trino Marquez, Antonio Rojas Suarez, Eduardo Lapi, Diego Bautista Urbaneja, Guaicaipuro Lameda, Vestalia de Araujo, Lilian Arvelo, D'lsa Solorzano, Thaelman Urgelles, Gonzalo Feijoo, Jesus Garrido Perez, Gonzalo Garcia Ordonez, Luis Manuel Esculpi, Alfredo Padilla, Antonio Barreto Sira, Rafael Venegas.
As you can see there is nothing new ... such protagonists who. in their majority, have pending accounts with Venezuelan Justice.
Definitively, opposition leaders do not want to realize that their followers no longer believe in these personages ... that they wish new leaders with fresh ideas ... such as ones aimed to improve the quality of life of all Venezuelans and not those responsible for all the “Punto Fijo” Pact atrocities ... the massacres during the April coup d'etat and of the oil sabotage.
In the above paragraph, I said that they do not want realize, because I don’t want to think that everything has to do with mental weaknesses that in the past made them believe that they had won the Presidential Referendum, but that 'Dictator Chavez' in a covert agreement with Carter, the OAS and all the international observers had inverted the numbers against them.
Gentlemen, with these strategies the enormous distance that has been created between the feelings and thoughts of the citizens who are against Chavez and you, every day that passes gets a greater dimension.
I really can not understand how you can waste so important and expeditious road to recover part of the land that you have lost politically.
But what an idiot I am ... we all know that, for you, what is more important is to maintain your privileges without caring what your followers or even Venezuela has undergone and will undergo because of your actions and aspirations.
It is time to give Venezuela and the Chavez government a decent opposition that represents its followers and for who the main concern must be the well-being of all the citizens of our country ... not your stingy personal interests, or those of the large corporations or the owners of the private media that exists in Venezuela.
Carlos M. Pietri

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